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Name: David Phillipe Desrosiers
Instrument: Bass and back vocals
Date of birth: August 29th, 1980
Birthplace: Montreal, Canada
Eye Color: Light Brown
Siblings: 1 sister (Julie)
Fav. color: Black
Fav. Restaurant: Taco Bell
Fav. bands: Papa Roach, American Hi/Fi, Weezer,
Jimmy eat world, Green Day, 22 Jacks, No Doubt, Sugar Ray,
Strung Out, Stone Temple Pilot, No Use For A Name, Lagwagon, Goldfinger,
Face to Face, Sum 41, Blink-182, Foo Fighters (in no particular order)
Fav. food: Sushi
Fav. movie: Grease, Pump up the volume
Fav. TV show: Wonder Years
Fav. video game: Pro AM (Nintendo old school)
Fav. book: Kamasutra
Fav. concert: There are so many but to pick one, would have to say EDGEFEST 2
Fav. magazine: Modern Drummer
Fav. actor / actress: Robin Williams / Drew Barrymore
Utlimate place to live: Hawaii but I'd have to be
with someone that I love!
Guilty pleasure: Peeing in the shower just relaxes me
Previous day job: Used to work at McDonald's
in my hometown
Fav. superhero: Superman
Pets: Golden Retreiver; Sam the cutest (R.I.P.)
Boxers or Briefs: Boxers
Hugs or Kisses: Kisses
Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream: Vanilla
Email or Phone: Phone
Phrase: Naw

Auf Deutsch:

Name: David Philippe Desrosiers
Rolle bei SP: Bass und Hintergrundstimme
Geburtstag: 29. August 1980
Haarfarbe: braun (gefärbt: schwarz)
Augenfarbe: grün
Geschwister: Julie
Geburtsort: Sept-Iles
Piercings: Lippe, Ohren (je 2)
Tattoos: keine ich bin natürlich
L-Sport: Sex
L-Rastaurant: Taco Bell
L-Farbe: Pink und Schwarz
L-marke: Role Model
L-Essen: Sushi
L-Band: Foo Fighters, Blink 182, Sum 41, Papa Roach, Face to Face, American Hi/Fi, No Doubt, Sugar Ray, Weezer, Jimmy eat world, Green Day, Strung Out, No Use For A Name, Stone Temple Pilot, Lagwagon, Goldfinger, Good Charlotte, The Used, Rancid (no special order)
L-Film: Grease
L-Serie: Wonder Years
L-Buch: Kamasutra
L-Video Game: Pro AM (Old School with the Nintendo)
L-Schauspieler/in: Robin Williams / Drew Barrymore
L-Boy Band: Backstreet Boys
L-Superheld: Superman
Boxershorts oder Unterhosen: Boxer
Umarmungen oder Küsse: Küsse
Schokolade oder Vanille Eis: Vanille
E-Mail oder Telefon: Telefon
L-Satz: naw, Fuck
Bester Ort zum Leben: Disney World
Schlechte Angewohnheit: In die Dusche pinkeln, das relaxt mehr
Früherer Job: zu Hause bei Mc Donalds

What gear do you use:
Basses: Fender precision basses.
Strings: Dean Markley blue steel 80-105

Do you have a middle name, if so what is it?
-- Phillipe.

What is your favorite quote or buzz word?

Who is your role model?
--Hambone, cause he's the man!

If your were a girl and were to date any member of the band , who would it be? Why?
--No one cause they're all gay.

Describe your ideal girl (personality and looks)
-- My girlfriend.

What are your turn ons?
--Hambone, bubble tea.

What are your turn offs?
-- Cigarettes, body hair.

Ever been skinnydipping?

Whats the best halloween costume you ever wore?

Whats your favorite cartoon?
--SpongeBob cause he can drink alot, hes a sponge.

If you had a magic 8 ball what would you ask it?
-- When is my penis gonna grow?

What exactly would you put on your christmas list?
-- A trip to Hawaii.

What song are you ashamed to admit you like?
-- Justin Timberlake "Rock your body"

If you could be in another band what band would it be?
-- It's a tie between The Used and Good Charlotte.

Have you guys ever read any fanfiction about yourselfs on the internet?
--No, computer, what is that?

What do you usually do when your bored on the tour bus?
-- Jerk off.

What is the last thing you do before you go on stage and after a show?
-- Jerk off.

If you could do anything without paying for the consequences , what would you do?
-- Walk around naked all the time.

Whats the 1 thing you want to do before the end of the year?
-- Find myself a place, im young and homeless.

-David hurt his ankle after skateboarding before a show with Pierre. David tried to show off but failed, and had to be carried on stage by Avril Lavigne.

-Besides bass, David also plays the drums and guitar.

-David was chosen to replace Pierre when he left Reset.

-David used to work at McDonald's.

-David likes skating.

-David likes to piss in the shower.

-David has a spine problem.

-David has an older sister, Julie.

-David screams in his sleep.

-David has moved into Jeff's basement.

-There are many rumors that David is going out with Avril Lavigne.

-David falls in love easy.

-David didn't go to highschool with the other guys, and they met him through Chuck and Pierre's old band, Reset.

-David has ADD (Attention Defiset Disorder) Which means he can't pay attenton.

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