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Name: Charles-Andre Comeau (a.k.a Chuck)
Birthday: September 17th 1979
Height: 5'9
Hair Color:Brown
Eye Color: Brown / Green
Siblings: 1 Brother
Birth Place: Montreal
Piercings: None
Tattoo's: None
Sport To Watch: Hockey or Football
Resturant: Kaisen in Montreal
Color: Black
Clothings Line: Atticus
Food: Sushi
Bands: Guns & Roses, Blink 182, The Beach Boys, Sugar Ray,Good Charlotte, Linkin Park
Movie: Almost Famous, American Beauty, That thing you do, Back to the future I & II
TV Show: Making the band, The Wonder Years, Seinfeld
Book: Drumming for Dummbies, Lord of the Rings
Video Game: NHL 2001 PS2
Actor/Actress: Ben Stiller / Katie Holmes
Boy Band: LFO
Superhero: Batman
Boxers or briefs: Boxers
Hugs Or Kisses: Hugs
Chocolate or vanilla ice cream: Vanilla
E-mail or Phone: Both
Contacts: Yes
Phrase: What's Up
Pets: None
Ultimate place to live: L.A.
Guitly pleasure: Hip Hop
Previous job: Writer for a music magazine


Name: Charles-Andre Comeau

Geburtstag: 17. September 1979
Haarfarbe: braun
Augenfarbe: braun / grün
Geschwister: 1 Bruder
Geburtsort: Montreal / Kanada
Piercings: keine
Tattoos: keine
L-Sport: Hockey oder Football
L-Restaurant: Kaisen in Montreal
L-Farbe: schwarz
L-Marke: Atticus
L-Essen: Sushi
L-Band: Guns & Roses, Blink 182, The Beach Boys, Sugar Ray, Good Charlotte, Linkin Park
L-Film: Almost Famous, American Beauty, That thing you do, Back to the future I & II
L-Serie: Making the band, The Wonder Years, Seinfeld
L-Buch: Drumming for Dummies, Lord of the Rings
L-Video Game: NHL 2001 PS2
L-Schauspieler/in: Ben Stiller / Katie Holmes
L-Boy Band: LFO
Superheld: Batman
Boxershorts oder Unterhosen: Boxers
Umarmungen oder Küsse: Umarmungen
Schokolade oder Vanille: Vanille
E-Mail oder Telefon: beides
L-Spruch: Whats up
Haustiere: keine

Bester Ort zum Leben: L.A.

Schlechte Eigenschaft: Hip Hop

Früherer Job: Schreiber für ein Musik Magazin

-Chuck's mom still does his laundry.

-Chuck puts hair gel on his hands before every show, so his drumsticks don't slip out of his hands.

-Chuck claims he is no longer a virgin.

-Chuck wears glasses/contacts

-Chuck's full name is Charles-Andre Comeau.

-Chuck listens to rap and hip hop.

-If Chuck wasnt in the band he was going to be a lawyer.

-Chuck went to law school for a year but dropped out for the band.

-Chuck apparently left Reset because he was always arguing with Pierre-(Listen to "Friend" by Reset).

-Chuck used to work at a music magazine as a writer.

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