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Pierre (to the crowd): ARE YOU IN SHAPE!??
David: In shape of what?

Pat: "Seb!"
Seb: "What's up?"
Pat: "What are you doing?"
Seb: "Just uh, putting tape on all my stuff so a monkey can set it up"

Jeff: They scream, and then we sign
Pierre: Then we scream
Jeff: And then they scream and then we sign and they scream and then we sign again

David: I'd like to wish you guys a merry merry Christmas
Jeff: Happy Hanukkah!
David: And a happy happy *whispers 'fucking'* new year! alright and I'll see you guys next year...
Jeff: you cant say fuck?
David: And be careful and don’t drink and drive..
Jeff: *Starts laughing*
David: cuz I wanna see you guys next year... *hits Jeff* at the show!

David- "Look banana!"
Jeff- "Double banana."
David- "Double banana. That means it gots two bananas in it!"
Jeff- "Like your ass!"

Pierre: "And then you get older and..."
Jenn(muchmusic): "And you become a jerk?"
David: "No you become a dad!"
Pierre: "Wow that was good! He's quick, I like him."

Pierre: Everybody say Hi Chuck!
crowd: Hi chuck!
Pierre: Everybody say You Suck!
crowd: You suck!
Pierre: Everybody say No I'm just kidding!
crowd: No I'm just kidding!
David: Everybody say NOT!

Chuck: I wanna be her skater boy
Pierre: I wanna be her scooter boy
Jeff: But I'm just her loser boy
Rest of the band: Awww

Int.: Ok, which one of you is dating Avril?
Seb: Its Me
Pierre: Its Me
Jeff: Its Me
David: Its me!
Chuck: She played us! Bitch!

Interviwer-"Earlier Seb went to pee.." *all the band cut him off and start applause and cheering like it was Seb's first time*

Jeff: It takes a lot of balls for 5 Canadian boys to get out there and want to conquer the world!
Pierre: It takes 10 balls!

"How do you guys come up with songs?.... there’s this cool thing called, we go there and steal em' from young promising bands. and we beat them up. haha" - Chuck, Pierre, Jeff

David: Sorry we were late for the concert guys, I was uhhh backstage... Uhhh.... Jerkin off.
Pierre: Like they really wanted to hear that David...
David: Well it woulda been faster if I was thinkin about YOUR MOM.
Pierre: Oooooh... Yeah it's always good to bring in the mom's. *Turns to the crowd* So, are there any mom's out there tonight?

Pierre: "What are you doing here?"
Pat: "What are you doing here?"
Pierre: "I'm practicing"
Pat: "Why do you guys need to practice?"
Pierre: "Because we suck"
David: "And because we never played this song before"
Pierre: "This is our first practice for a song called "Perfect" and as you can see it's not perfect yet!"
(practicing for the song "Perfect" in Chuck's basement)

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