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"Word up, mofo's!"

"It takes 10 balls!"

"I have to drive this...we're gonna die" - pierre

Jeff: It takes a lot of balls for 5 Canadian boys to get out there and want to conquer the world!

Pierre: (Adds it up) It takes 10 balls.

"It's for my gay friend Ted... 'I'm a dick, Ted'.."-Pierre (talking about the song 'Addicted')

"I find Benji more attractive then Joel, personally. He's just more my style. If I were a girl, I'd do him first. I'd do them both, but I'd do Benji first."

"Some people say, 'I can write 10 songs in a day'..bullshit, I can't."

"I'm the party animal!"

"I was in the bath tub like two nights ago in front of like.. a lot of people and I was just like..WOOHOO!"-Pierre (talking about when he was drunk)

"Ok, now that was funny."-Pierre after Chuck didn't start drumming at the beginning of 'My Alien' at a concert, making him jump around like an idiot on stage.

"I hope when we'll actually have them, we'll be able to do whatever we preach on our record."-Pierre talking about having children

"Tell me, does it feel good to be like you?"-Pierre pointing at Seb while singing 'You Don't Mean Anything'

Interviewer: Earlier Seb went to pee..

*The band cuts him off and starts applauding and cheering like it was Seb's first time*

"We'll play... because we're a band... We play music... you know? We're a band playing music."-Pierre explaining what the in-store HMV was going to be like

Pierre (to the crowd): ARE YOU IN SHAPE!?
Crowd: YEAHHHH!!!
David: ...In shape of what?

David: Sorry we were late for the concert guys, I was uhhh backstage... Uhhh.... Jerkin off.

Pierre: Like they really wanted to hear that David...

David: Well it woulda been faster if I was thinkin about YOUR MOM.

Pierre: Oooooh... Yeah it's always good to bring in the mom's. *Turns to the crowd* So, are there any mom's out there tonight?

Pierre: This next song is about how... how... You know how girls can make you do crazy and stupid things?...

"Has anyone here been to Heaven? Or space? ...Yeah, me neither. Does anyone here believe in aliens? ...I think there's one that's perfect for me."-Pierre introducing 'My Alien'

"I think you know that it's true... I'd run a thousand miles to HUMP you." *Makes humping motion*-Pierre making up new words for the 2nd verse of 'Addicted'

"I think you know that it's true... I'd run a thousand miles to ...GRAB YOUR ASS." -Pierre making up new words for the 2nd verse of 'Addicted'

Interviewer: Is it hard to put on a show ever single night?

Pierre: No. Sometimes it's hard... It's even harder for people like us, that aren't very smart. You know, remembering all those notes and everything.

"Spending the night at the St-Jean-Baptiste outside Québec SUCKS! They don't even drink out there!"

"Being in a band is like being married to four guys. It's worst than having a girlfriend. Having a girlfriend is nothing compared to being in a band!"

" We're just trying to be ourselves. We like to do what we do and we're trying to keep doing this. We're not really trying to change music or say anything. This is who we are - that's it!"

"If you're a popular peson in school and see someone being bullied, you should use te power you have and talk to the bully and let them know it's not cool!"

"But you know what? I don't give a fuck...see that's how I do...see I cud be sick, I cud be in pain, I cud have a knife sticking up my ass, and if I have to play there's no fucking around man, I'm gunna play....and I'm gunna give it all i got cuz that's all I got"

So hier englisch (aber deutsch übersetzt):


-I´m not a rockstar, I´m a happy looser (Ich bin kein Rockstar, ich bin ein glüklicher Verlierer)

-Tonight we are gonna sing ´´The worst day ever´´ because my vocal chords have been having the worst day ever. (Heute Abend werden wir ´´The worst day ever´´ [Der schlimmste Tag jemals] singen, weil meine Stimmbänder heute ihren schlimmsten Tag bisher haben.)

-Pat: ,,How would you describe you in four words?´´ Pierre: ,,Very good in bed.´´ (Pat: ,,Wie würdest du dich in vier Worten beschreiben?´´ Pierre: ,,Sehr gut im Bett.´´

-That´s Trevor, our sound guy. He´s got a nice..... ass! (Das ist Trevor, unser Tonjunge. Er hat einen netten... Hintern.)

-We´re French. We speak Canadian. (Wir sind französisch. Wir sprechen kanadisch.)

-I find Benji more attractive than Joel. He´s more my style. If I were a girl, I´d do him first. (Ich finde Benji attraktiver als Joel. Er besitzt mehr meinen Stil. Wäre ich ein Mädchen, würde ich ihn zuerst klar machen.)

-Okay, that was funny (after Chuck didn´t start drumming in the beginning of ´´My Alien´´ which made Pierre jump alone like an idiot on stage.) (Okay, das war lustig [Nachdem Chuck nicht angefangen hat Schlagzeug zu spielen, was dazu führte, dass Pierre alleine wie ein Idiot auf der Bühne rumhüpfte.])

-People that hate our band, they will never hate me enough to make me stop it. I love what I do and they will never stop me from doing it no matter how loud they scream, I will scream louder. And I will always be there for people who love us. They could never boo me off stage. (Leute, die unsere Band hassen werden mich nie genug hassen können, dass ich aufhöre. Ich liebe das, was ich mache und sie werden mich nie daran hindern können, das zu tun; egal, wie laut sie schreien, ich werde lauter schreien. Und ich werde immer für die Leute da sein, die uns lieben. Sie können mich nicht ausbuhen.)

-Guten Tag Mother fuckers!!! (Bei einem Konzert in Deutschland)

-We´re in Germany, we just got here, smells good. (Wir sind in Deutschland, wir sind gerade angekommen und es riecht gut.)

-Welcome to-where are we?! (to camrea during fireworks show in Germany) (Wilkommen in- wo sind wir?! [Zu einer Kamera während eine Feuerwerks-Show in Deutschland])

-If I wasn´t sick, I´d kiss you. (to David) (Wäre ich nicht krank, würde ich dich küssen [Sagt er zu David])

-I partied too hard and now my throat is fucked up-but you know what?! I don´t give a fuck. ´Cause see, that´s how I do,- I could be sick, I could be in pain, I could have a knife sticking up my ass-and if I have to play-I´m gonna play. (Ich habe zu viel gefeiert und jetzt ist mein Hals im Arsch, aber weißt du was?! Ich scheiß drauf. Weißt du, das ist was ich mache. Ich könnte krank sein, ich könnte voller Schmerzen sein, ich könnte ein Messer in meinem Arsch stecken haben-und wenn ich zu spielen habe-dann spiele ich!)

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