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"If I was going to sell out, I would have done it already."

Rick(Muchmusic): Is he a liar?
David: No he's a lawer! Well I guess its the same thing.
Rick: Here we go with Davids humor

"if you dont drink you might as well kill your self, ya know"

"We got you a christmas present! They're grapes. But they arent normal grapes. *eats one* they have drugs in them. Who wants grapes?!"

"Like, 'I wonder what its like to kiss a guy with a lip ring.'... Yea! Sure you wonder!"

"Piss our french names in the snow!"

"Look Banana! Double Banana! That means it has two bananas in it!"

"Is it ok if I start crying?"- At the "Perfect" video shoot.

"we destroy everything, including our own bodies"

"I think the goal is to actually KILL the band"

David: We almost died because one of the lights fell in the water and we got electrocuted and ever since I can tell what women think
Amanda(muchmusic): What am I thinking of now?
David: *grin* My ass.

"Isn't it great being in a bathtub naked?"

"we're french, we speak canadian"

So hier auf englisch aber mit deutscher übersetztung:


-I screamed like a fucking girl, apparently. (Talking about his reaction when the bus went into a ditch.) (Ich habe wie ein blödes Mädchen geschrien, scheinbar. [Er redet über seine Reaktion, als der Bus in ein Strassengraben gefahren ist.])

-I don´t have a bellybutton. (Ich habe keinen Bauchnabel.)

-Banana! Double Banana! That means it has two bananas in it. (Banane, Doppel Banane. Das heißt, es sind zwei Bananen drin.)

-Is it okay, if we start crying? (On the ´´Perfect´´ video shoot.) (Ist es okay, wenn wir anfangen zu weinen? [Bei dem Videodreh zu ´´Perfect´´])

-Is anybody here smoke weed? Then, that means you have a lighter, so put them up in the air. (While introducing ´´Perfect´´ (Raucht hier irgendjemand Glimmstängel? Dann, dass heiß ihr habt Feuerzeuge, also hebt sie in die Luft [Während einem Konzert bei dem Lied ´´Perfect´´])

-That song was made, while I was swimming in my dad´s balls (Talking about ´´Happy Together´´ (Dieser Song wurde geschrieben, als ich noch in den Hoden meines Vater schwamm [Er redet über ´´Happy Toghether´´])

-Guys, what the heck?!? (Jungs, was zum Teufel?!?)

-You gotta eat some calories-here´s a banana. (To Pierre on treadmill). (Du solltest ein paar Kalorien essen-hier ist eine Banane. [Zu Pierre auf dem Laufband])

-They say it´s 7 o´clock here-I don´t believe it (When they arrived in Germany.) (Sie sagen, es sei 7 Uhr hier-ich glaub das nicht. [Als sie in Deutschland ankommen])

-I think the goal is to actually, like, try to kiss the band (About the ´´Addicted´´ video) (Ich glaube, die Zielrichtung ist zu wirklich, wie, wenn du versucht die Band zu küssen [Über das ´´Addicted´´ Video])

-I have to go on stage to rock those kangaroos and koalas (Before a concert in Australia) (Ich muss auf die Bühne gehen und ihre Kängurus und Koalabären rocken.)
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