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"You've got absolutly no chances with girls...they're all there for Mark McGrath!"

"At Jay-Z's"-Chuck, anwsering the question 'where are all the girls?all the money?'

"In Japan they bring gifts to us. We are going to try to bring this idea to the kids in America."

"You don't get to do your laundry and your socks are always dirty and they smell bad. It sucks."

"I read things like 'I hope you choke on broken glass!' YAY! I want to!"

Nam(muchmusic): That was the brand new video...
Chuck: Its simple plan not brand new!
Nam: Chuck Chuck Chuck... Long time no see! Last time I saw you you were putting duct tape on me and throwing me into a closet.
Chuck: *nervous look* I told you not to share that with the viewers.

Benji, "What about Whitney Houston?"

Chuck, "No, she's from Houston."

"It won't sound fag."

"We'll tag team."

"The band broke up. We can't get laid anymore."

"Do you have a sex problem."

"Are you guys kissing in it."

"Still life partners, that's right."

"I think he was scared of how big you were."-on loveline

"We like our fans! So we go in their beds! And FILM it!"

“Hey listen , we share a lot of stuff like pornography, but not underwear. I wouldn’t share. I mean its way too big for those guys-they would float in it.”

Int: who would you rather date: Avril or Benji?
Chuck: Ask david! (laughing)

"Kay, I just need friends... You're my friend! Thank you so much..."- Chuck (talking to the camera)

"Hi to people in Alberta!"

"I can't get up. I have a boner." - Chuck

"What you're seeing is not real, it's all bullSHIT"

"It says historical vehical, so it's not even like a... well it's a real car but... historical"

"Are you, uh, playing with yourself ?"

"For her pleasure."

Adam Corrola on loveline - "We get a lot of screwballs and jack-offs and jack-ettes calling tonite. young girls.

Chuck - "thats our crowd"

Adam Corrola - "Yes, i blame you guys."

Chuck - "They have to pay the people for our shows"

Pierre - "Yeah, unfortunately we don't have any fans so it might be an issue"

Chuck - "Pay a lot of money"

Adam - "Well were using a lot of hobos, street people, stuff like that"

Chuck - "Its Cheap"

Adam - "We're rounding them up"

Pierre - "We're used to that"

Drew "Just whatevers on Hollywood Blvd. just scoop on over here."

Adam - "We round them, round them up."

Chuck - "You have a truck and you put them on."

Adam - "Run away prostitutes folks like that. A lot of illegals. A lot of day laborers from the Home Depot."

Chuck - "There's no bad blow jobs."

Adam - "Only misunderstood blow jobs."

So hier auf englisch aber mit deutscher übersetztung:


-I truly admire how David can entertain himself. (Ich bewundere wirklich, wie David sich selbst unterhalten kann.)

-For everybody who hates our band, there´s like 1.000 kids who fucking love it. (Für jeden einzelnen, der unsere Band hasst, gibt es 1.000 Leute, die unsere Band lieben.)

-We never asked everyone in the world to like our band. I think we make music for ourselves and the kids out there who enjoy it. The rest of the people don´t have to come to our shows and don´t have to wear Simple Plan shirts. (Wie haben nie irgendjemanden auf dieser Welt danach gefragt, unsere Band zu mögen. Ich denke wir machen Musik für uns selber und die Leute draußen, die es genießen und mögen. Der Rest der Menschen muss nicht zu unseren Konzerten kommen und muss auch keine Simple Plan T-Shirts tragen.)

-Are you talking about my penis? (to a German reporter who talking in German.) (Redest du etwas über meinen Penis? [Sagt er zu einem deutschen Reporter, der Deutsch redet.])


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