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"I'm gonna kick both their asses."

(When asked why they're so energetic) "It's all the drugs we take!"

"Kid spelled backwards is Dik!"

"There is the belief of reincarnation and everything, and every generation there's a new baboon, and for our generation, its Jeff. Jeff is the baboon"

"I will come to your house, and I will cut you!"

"I used to clean the stupid toilets at my stupid highschool!"

"My name is Sebastien and I play in punk rock band Simple Plan."

Interviewer: Since you're the youngest, does that mean you get picked on a lot?
Seb: *Thinks a bit and frowns* No, Actually!
Int.: So who do you guys like to pick on?
Seb: I think... Jeff actually, yea.

"Pierre's really my bitch, no I'm actually his I mean I used to be a fucking janitor of coarse Im his"

"Pierre's my husband"

"They might have bigger clubs but we have bigger balls!!"

"You see that fridge, thats going down, You see that well over there, thats goin down, You see that fan over there, yep goin down, Do you see.....this arcade behind me, thats guess what goin see that set of stairs? thats staying there sorry!"

"There was even a big dragon, eating cars and spitting fire!"

"When theres no top on the bus - its windy!"

"I'm all drugged up!"

"I'm gonna kick both thier asses"

"Jeffs the baboon"

"I cant beileve I ate the whole thing!" Quote he said from a movie

"Its true, Chucks fav. color really is pink!"

"Its all good"

"Shes grabbing my ass"

"Thats right bud!" Seb to Pierre

"He came up and said 'Hey im Mark McGrath'....I was like 'no..really?' *laugh* Seb talking about meeting the sugar ray guys

"We listen to everything!"

(when they asked whats on his Cristmas list this year) Seb: FOOD!!!!!

Q: What color crayon would you be and why?

"Indigo, cause when you're looking for a black crayon, you pick this one. You start writing and it's blue Then you say GOD DAMNIT... BOOYAH!!" -Seb

Pat: "Seb!"
Seb: "What's up?"
Pat: "What are you doing?"
Seb: "Just uh, putting tape on all my stuff so a monkey can set it up"

"I run away. When people fight, I run! Run!”

"There are some people who look like aliens. Take Jeff for instance. Our guitar player - he looks like an alien!"

"It says that if I die while doing this tattoo they're not responsible, but they get all my stuff"

"Im not less of a man if i cry"-when getting his tatoo

"If i die on stage tonight, i want you to know that i fucked your mom."

"We're in fucking New Zealand mother fuckers!"

"So we just spent an hour with the stylist... and ya know they completely changed us and ya know it was really hard but this is what we ended up wearing."(shows the same outfit as before)

"We still gotta party, (whispers) cause it's my birthday"

"We're waiting for cars. They were gonna be here 15 minutes ago ... an hour and a half ago"
So like when I'm 80 and all wrinkled. I'll be like what the hell does SP mean, and then I'll be like ahh yeah I remember. -getting the 'SP' tattoo on his leg
"I get out of the car then...oh man, then I get hit by a bus and umm...I guess I didn't die cuz umm yeah...okay bye!"
Person: Your eyes are beautiful.
Sebastien: Why thanks, actully thank my mommy she gave them to me!

"Hi, i'm sebastien and i'm tying chuck's shoe"

"I am really scared." -On Superman ride

"You know what? You might witness the death of singer and guitar player of Simple Plan." -On Superman ride

"That was fucking awesome!" -After riding Superman ride

So hier auf englisch aber mit deutscher übersetztung:


-When there´s no top on the bus, it´s windy. (When der Bus kein Dach mehr hat, dann ist es windig.)

-If I die tonight on stage, I want you to know that I fucked your mom. (To Pat) (Falls ich heute Abend auf der Bühne sterben sollte, wollte ich dich wissen lassen, das ich mit deiner Mutter geschlafen habe.)

-This is how I look in the morning... just as good as I look at night, baby! (So sehe ich morgens aus... Genauso gut, wie ich nachts aussehe, baby!)

-There is the belief of reincarnation and everything, and every generation has a new baboon, and for our generation, it´s Jeff. Jeff is the baboon. (Da ist der Glaube an die Wiedergeburt und alles, und jede Generation hat einen neuen Trottel und für unsere Generation ist es Jeff. Jeff ist der Trottel.)

-David screams in his sleep, or talks backwards. I think he might be an alien. (David scheit im Schlaf oder redet rückwärts. Ich denke, er könnte ein Alien sein.)

-(Being Pierre): Hey, we´re in Spain, the sun is shining and I´m a dumbass. ([Er macht Pierre nach]: Hey, wir sind in Spanien, die Sonne scheint und ich bin ein Trottel.)

-I´m gonna come to your house and I will cut you! (Ich werde zu deinem Haus kommen und dich schneiden.)

-I used to clean the stupid toilets at my stupid school. (Ich wurde dazu benutzt, die dummen Toiletten zu putzen an meiner alten dummen Schule.)

-Don´t touch my mom. (to Pierre) (Fasse meine Mutter nicht an [zu Pierre])

-We gonna go buy our record. (Wir werden unsere CD kaufen.)

-It symbolizes a French penis in it´s glory (about the Eiffel Tower in Paris.) (Es symbolisiert einen französischen Penis in seiner ganzen Pracht [Über den Eiffel Turm in Paris.)

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