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"Im not drinking beer right now...."

"Hes got zebra fetish!" -on David

"Whats up?" -walking around without any pants

"I look way better than Moby!"

"Im going to win!"

"They wanted a whole lot of Jeff"

"What the fuck isthat you fucking nasty motherfucker!?"

"It takes alot of balls for 5 canadian boys to get out there and want to conquer the world!"-jeff

"It takes 10 balls!" -Pierre

"Stop filming me man!"

"My moms a virgin"

"I do my hair. I always do that before the show!"

"bald isbeautiful!"

"Were gonna sign some shit"

"david made a pact with the devil and talks to him every night in his sleep"

"Pierre is 14 years old"

"Chuck is really a girl"

"Seb has a 10 inch thumb"

"Im from outer space"

"Your mom!!"

"Not too long ago our parents still though music was only a hobby....sorry mom, i wanna play guitar for the rest of my life!!"

Jeff: 'My fav. song to ply live is....*thinking*...the last one'

"They scream, and then we sign" -Jeff

"Then we scream" -Pierre

"And then they scream and then we sign and they scream and then we sign again"-Jeff

So hier englisch aber mit deutscher übersetztung:


-I look way better than Moby. (Ich sehe um einiges besser aus als Moby.)

-My number is 1-800-SEX-WITH-JEFF. (Meine Nummer ist 1-800-SEX-MIT-JEFF.)

-Our bus broke down, because we have a shitty bus. (Unser Bus ist kaputt gegangen, weil wir einen beschissenen Bus haben.)

-I´m gonna win...... MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!!! (Ich werde.......Million von Dollar gewinnen.)

-Oh shit!- Where did that come from? (When David poured water on his head while he was sleeping.) (Oh Scheiße!- Von wo kam das? [Als David ihm Wasser ins Gesicht schüttete, während er schlief.])

-Not too long ago our parents still thought music was only a hobby... sorry, mom, but I wanna play guitar for the rest of my life! (Es ist noch gar nicht so lange her, da haben meine Eltern noch gedacht, Musik sei nur ein Hobby...Sorry Mama, aber ich werde für den Rest meines Lebens Gitarre spielen!

-I do my hair, I always do that before the show. (Ich mache meine Haare, das mache ich immer vor eine Show!)

-Bald is beautiful! (Glatzköpfig ist wunderschön.)

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